Glendale Pawn Shop

Glendale Pawn Shop

When you’re in need of quick cash, Pico Union Pawn is the place to go. From diamonds, gold and other types of jewelry to watches, collectibles, and more, Pico Union is your number one Glendale pawn shop!

Why Pico Union Pawn?

Nestled just above downtown Los Angeles, Pico Union Pawn is within only a few minutes’ drive from the residents of Glendale. While there are many Glendale pawn shops to choose from in Glendale, quality customer service with a smooth and efficient loan process is what sets Pico Union Pawn apart from the rest.

Pico Union offers a great alternative for individuals who don’t want to go through the headache-filled process of applying for a traditional loan through a bank. Because banks require a credit check and tons of paperwork, you’ll likely spend a week or more just waiting for an answer. Due to the recent downturn in the economy, most financial institutions are tightening their restrictions on traditional, unsecured loans, making it much more difficult for the common man to get the cash he needs.

That’s where the top Glendale pawn shop, Pico Union Pawn, comes into play. We won’t check your credit, and your privacy is always a top priority. As a customer, all you need to do is bring in any item of value, sign a minimal amount of paperwork, and off you go!

Pico Union Pawn: Get the Most for Your Collectibles

For those in Glendale that just want to sell watches, musical instruments, jewelry, or other personal items, Pico Pawn is the way to go. The purchase process is extremely easy, straight-forward, and you’ll leave with cash in hand within minutes.

Pico Union Pawn offers a no pressure atmosphere. We make it very easy for Glendale residents to simply walk into the store with the items they want to sell, and walk out with cash in hand. The entire process takes only a few minutes, and it is less stressful than going to a bank for a loan or attempting to sell to other individuals.

Items That Glendale at Pico Union Pawn

Whether you want to get rid of an old wedding ring or an old watch, Pico Union Pawn will buy it from you for a fair price. We have people every day stop by Pico Union Pawn with instruments, tools, jewelry, and anything else worth a fair price!

Regardless of your need for cash, Pico Union Pawn is one of the best pawn shops in Glendale and the surrounding areas.